Sarah Platts

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With a background as a Solicitor Agent appearing in over 800 hearings in the County Courts, Sarah is an experienced and trusted advocate specializing in personal injury. Sarah regularly appears for Claimants and Defendants alike across a wide spectrum of personal injury cases, ranging from Fast Track Trials and RTA Stage 3 Disposal Hearings, through to Small Claims Trials, Infant Approval Hearings and the full range of associated interlocutory hearings.

Sarah is trusted by Claimant and Defendant firms across England & Wales to secure the best result for her clients. Her clients range from national and leading regional firms, through to financial institutions, local authorities and major household name businesses. With a wider common law background encompassing civil and commercial specialisms such as bankruptcy & insolvency, contractual disputes and landlord & tenant law, Sarah is the ideal candidate to cover novel, factually dense and finely balanced personal injury cases requiring a wide and robust knowledge base.

As natural complements to her thriving personal injury practice, Sarah also maintains dual side-specialisms in both credit hire and in low velocity impact claims. Professional clients value her keen eye for detail and her pragmatic approach to the assessments of prospects in such claims. Finally, Sarah also has a standalone travel practice and is in both regular and sustained demand in holiday sickness and flight delay claims.
Sarah graduated with first class honours, and secured a prestigious Middle Temple scholarship. She has over a decade of previous work experience and was a solicitor agent for a leading national provider of advocacy services.

Personal Injury

Sarah maintains a balanced 50/50 Claimant and Respondent practice and firmly believes that there are significant benefits of being able to hold perspectives from both sides of the negotiating table. For her clients, this means that Sarah is versatile and can quickly assess the salient issues, risks and likely chances of success in almost any personal injury case.

Sarah covers the full range of Fast and Small Claims Track personal injury cases, across all areas of sub-specialism. This includes, but is not limited to, RTA, LVI, occupiers liability, employers liability, housing & disrepair and RTA cases that do not involve personal injury (damage only claims). In addition, areas of expertise that are often called upon across her wider personal injury practice, Sarah is also an experienced practitioner when it comes to credit hire and consumer credit issues, as well as allegations of fundamental dishonesty, staged accidents, phantom passengers and complex causation issues.

A snapshot of Sarah’s personal injury experience includes the following:

  • S V M & B – A fast track occupiers liability case where barriers outside a bar had fallen onto the Claimant as a result of a violent altercation between guests. Sarah represented the Claimant in this complex case turning on key evidential points.
  • R v O&P – Sarah successfully represented the Defendant in a £9000 RTA Fast Track PI Claim, achieving a full and successful defence on the issue of liability.
  • P v F & U – Sarah represented the Claimant in a fast-track RTA claim in which the Claimant was a passenger on a bus which collided with a third-party vehicle causing injury. Quantum and liability were in issue in this highly contested case.
  • M v A – Sarah represented the Claimant in this fast-track contested credit hire claim and successfully recovered £35,000 in credit hire charges.
  • L v T – Sarah successfully represented the Claimant in a fast-track holiday sickness claim, in which fundamental dishonesty was alleged by the Defendant.
  • H v M – Sarah successfully represented the Defendant in a low value RTA PI Claim.
  • W v M – Sarah represented the Claimant who fell in a local supermarket on what he believed to be water under the flowers. Ultimately, the Judge found the Defendant had a suitable system in place to prevent accidents and so was not liable.
  • A v N – Sarah represented the Claimant in a public liability dispute. The Claimant had tripped over a pothole. The matter turned upon whether the pothole was dangerous.

Working with Sarah

Sarah likes to know her cases inside out, not only so that she can be across her brief each time, but also so that she can explore cutting edge and innovative legal arguments to deploy for her clients. Professional clients routinely instruct Sarah for her meticulous, detail-driven approach and her all-round skill set. When it comes to advocacy, Sarah’s ability to disarm clients, witnesses and experts before making compelling and persuasive submissions is regularly praised. Sarah delivers a bespoke service each time, to each client on each case.

Sarah values the importance of being available for her professional clients and is in her element when her professional clients pick up the phone to talk through high stakes or complex issues on their cases. Versatile and flexible, Sarah is equally happy, when her clients seek it, to be a completer-finisher, a trusted advocate to whom you can pass a case and know that Sarah will resolve it to an excellent standard, with minimal further instruction.


LLB Law – University of Wolverhampton
Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) – Manchester Metropolitan University

Appointments and Memberships

Member – The Honourable Society of Middle Temple

Queen Mother Scholar – The Honourable Society of Middle Temple


Sarah is extremely pleasant and therefore, a pleasure to work with. We would hope to work with her again in the future! Senior solicitor at a leading regional firm
Sarah did a fantastic job given the opposition from Counsel and would ask that you pass on my appreciation. In addition, the report is brilliant and confirms the full details and exactly what happened. I have to say, it is one of the best I have ever come across. Sarah seemed so determined to get the order we required Senior solicitor at a leading regional firm