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St Philips is home to a team of arbitrators and mediators, experienced in mediating domestic and international disputes of wide-ranging complexity and value across a variety of different sectors.

Several members act as mediators and are accredited with organisations such as CEDR, ADR Net, IMI, CMCR and SIMI.

Arbitration and mediation has emerged as a highly beneficial method for resolving disputes. With its emphasis on open communication, voluntary participation, and creative problem-solving, mediation offers a refreshing alternative to traditional litigation. By choosing arbitration or mediation, individuals and businesses can save time, money, and stress while reaching fair and mutually agreeable resolutions.

Mediation fosters a cooperative environment that encourages understanding, preserves relationships, and promotes future collaboration. Whether it’s a family matter, a business dispute, or any other type of conflict, mediation provides a confidential and empowering platform to address and resolve your issues.

Our Mediation & Arbitration Barristers:

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