Stefan Kolodynski
Stefan Kolodynski


Stefan Kolodynski is an experienced practitioner whose core areas are property and serious crime.

He originally trained as a Chartered Surveyor before qualifying as a barrister. Regularly appearing in both Jurisdictions affords him considerable experience in cross-examination particularly of expert witnesses.

Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

  • R v Tennant – long term and highly organised charity fraud, concealed with bogus companies, false addresses and false identities. Successfully prosecuted.
  • R v Bilhadj – highly organised production and distribution of false identity documents including passports and driving licences. Complex Case Work Unit case. Successfully prosecuted.
  • R v Laloudi – highly organised production and distribution of false identity documents including passports and driving licences. Complex Case Work Unit case. Successfully prosecuted. Recently instructed in large scale fraud. Case involves over 180 lives witnesses.
  • R v Bachada and Hussain: Represented lead defendant in large scale NHS dental fraud. T v Tennant: Long term charity fraud spanning a period of ten years.
  • R v Mlotshwa: Confidence fraud involving fraudulent wills, testaments and sham property transfers.
  • R v Patterson and others: Represented client dubbed one of Britains Most Dangerous Men Successful acquittal on blackmail charges.
  • R v Atkinson and Others: Very large scale and highly organised of fraudulent trading over the internet and subsequent laundering of proceeds.

Organised Crime and Terrorism

  • R v T and Others 2013: Representing lead defendant in case involving large scale theft of Russian high grade metal and its subsequent disposal on the market. Trial pending.
  • R v G and 2013: Representing lead defendant in pending trial involving allegations of fraudulent trading, unfair business practices and fraud.
  • R v S and K 2013: Organised kidnapping and torture of an employee to enforce a debt. Taken to multiple locations. Complex scientific evidence linking parties to various scene as well as cell site analysis.
  • R v Westwood, Simpson, Green and others 2012: High profile prosecution of highly organised gang stealing high value items at over twenty locations across the Midlands. Case involved covert surveillance and Britains fastest Police Chase.
  • R v Finnegan: Represented lead defendant who was object of long term covert surveillance. Allegations of Class A dealing using a network of Glamour Models to distribute drugs at parties. Successful acquittal on all Class A drug charges. Co-conspirators convicted.

Serious Sexual Offences

  • R v P – multi generational abuse and rape. Negotiated pleas thus avoiding child rape charges. At sentence, Pre-Sentence Report contained an admission by defendant that he had raped a child. Crown sought to prosecute the rapes based on that confession. Successfully argued abuse of process. Defended.
  • R v M – stranger rape. Woman attacked and beaten unconscious then subjected to attack. Admissibility of low copy DNA profile considered. Successfully prosecuted.
  • R v M – rape of a guest at a hotel where defendant worked and victim was a guest. Successfully defended. Case involved.
  • R v M – multi generational abuse of young boys. Targeted, groomed. Extra territorial offences, France and America.

Restraint and Confiscation

Stefan is currently instructed in many cases where value of confiscation sought is in excess 500,000. Fully conversant with restraint regime including applications to vary/discharge.



Stefan Kolodynski

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Stefan Kolodynski
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