Rebecca Wade KC

Rebecca Wade KC

Rebecca Wade KC


Rebecca Wade KC took silk in 2023, after 18 years of practice at the Bar, to become one of only three female criminal silks in Birmingham.

Rebecca’s appointment to silk followed an extremely busy and successful practice as a senior junior, in both defence and prosecution work. She was the highest level on both the CPS Advocates Panel and Serious Crime Panel. She was also on the Rape panel.

Rebecca’s practice centres on serious crime, with a particular emphasis on homicide and serious sexual offences. She is well known for her tenacity, determination and tactical skill. She practises both locally and nationally. She demonstrates exemplary client care, and goes above and beyond for her clients. The cases in which she is instructed invariably involve complicated issues of law and fact. They involve the most vulnerable in society, and are usually cases which attract significant media interest.


Rebecca is known to be hardworking and committed in any case in which she is instructed. She has been led in a number of cases and has also acted as Leading Counsel. She is trusted to deal with cases of the utmost seriousness, and arguably has expertise beyond her level of call.

She is a committed member of the Midland Circuit having previously been granted the honour of being Junior to the Circuit.

Notable Cases

R v MARGOL (2023)
Rebecca prosecuted this murder case in which the allegation was that the defendant beat a taxi driver to death. It involved complicated issues of causation due to the deceased’s pre-existing heart condition.

R v HARRISON (2023)
Rebecca’s first case in silk involved representing a mother charged with gross negligence manslaughter, arising out of the death of her 14-month daughter. Rebecca’s client admitted taking drugs whilst bathing her baby. The defendant passed out, and her daughter drowned in the bath.

R v HUSSAIN [Operation Baritone] (2021-2023)
Rebecca defended as a leading junior in this multi-handed case. The case involved a fatal drive-by shooting, and Rebecca’s client was charged with joint enterprise murder. The Prosecution case was that Rebecca’s client organised the murder. It was a case that arose out of a feud, and therefore involved extensive legal argument surrounding gang material.

R v WEBB [Operation Satchel] (2020-2022)
The case involved a conspiracy to commit sexual offences involving seven children. The accused persons were said to be three generations of family members and friends. Rebecca’s client was the mother of two of the children. She was vulnerable due to having a learning disability, and required an intermediary. The cases involved complex legal and factual issues. Involved Section 28 video recorded cross-examination of vulnerable complainants. It was one of the biggest cases of its kind dealt with by the UK Family Court presided over by MacDonald J.

R v AUBERTIN (2022)
The case involved an allegation of attempted murder. Rebecca’s client slit his partner’s throat, and repeatedly stabbed her. The defendant admitted the violence inflicted on the victim, however denied any intention to kill. The case involved expert issues surrounding pharmacology and memory loss due to long-standing drug addiction.

R v WOOD (2021)
Rebecca prosecuted this case which involved allegations of historic serious sexual offences made by three complainants. The conduct was said to have occurred when one of the complainants was only 4 years of age. No ABE interviews had been conducted, therefore it required precise examination in chief to elicit evidence to prove 34 counts on the indictment.

R v GREEN (2021)
Rebecca represented one of the defendants in this multi-handed murder case; a machete attack involving issues of joint enterprise. Rebecca’s client was a young man of previous good character.

R v SMITH (2020)
Rebecca represented one of the defendants in this multi-handed murder case; a knife attack involving issues of joint enterprise.

R v STREETE (2020)
Rebecca was Prosecution junior in this case. The defendant raped, and murdered his friend by asphyxiation in the park. He left her half-naked body in a nearby brook. After the murder further complainants came to light as to previous sexual offending by the defendant. A successful joinder application followed. It was a case which involved complex expert evidence.

R v KENFACK (2020)
Rebecca defended a client charged with murder with a machete, and two counts of wounding with intent. He was a vulnerable client because he was a youth, and had moved to the UK from Cameroon as a teenager. The case involved facial mapping and cell site evidence.

Rebecca defended in this multi-handed case. It involved a conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office. It was a case that was difficult on its facts because the client was the “whistle-blower”.

Rebecca defended in this multi-handed case, which involved a conspiracy to rob a cash and carry, with an imitation firearm. Rebecca’s client was alleged to be “the inside man.”

R v SMITH (2019)
Rebecca prosecuted this attempted murder case, which involved two weapons and almost fatal injuries. The medical evidence was such that had there not been timely medical intervention, the victim would have died. Both the victim and the defendant were drug addicts, which made the case more difficult to prosecute due to the potential for unreliability. The case involved the calling of complex evidence from a forensic pathologist.

R v DOHERTY (2019)
Rebecca defended an elderly client charged with historic rapes dating back to the 1960s. It involved contested hearsay applications, and complex areas of law and fact.


Legal 500 2022: “Rebecca has tenacity, determination and tactical skill. A good and focussed manner in dealing with clients, opponents and judges.”

Chambers and Partners 2021:  “She has a very good grasp of the law, is very approachable and is someone who is able to convey information clearly.” “A good forensic lawyer.”

Legal 500 2021: “A forceful but fair advocate who fights hard for her clients.”

Legal 500 2019: “Always demonstrates a mastery of her brief.”

Legal 500 2018: “She has extensive expertise in sexual offences cases.”

Legal 500 2017: “Efficient, effective and likeable.”

Appointments and Memberships

King’s Counsel (2023)

Midland Circuit

Criminal Bar Association

Recorder Midland Circuit (2019)


LLB (Hons)

BVC – Very Competent



Rebecca Wade KC

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Rebecca Wade KC
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