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Since starting her career at St Philips in 2000, Jennifer Josephs has established a busy practice as a popular and effective leading junior. She specializes in criminal law, appearing predominantly in the most serious and often high profile cases. She been appointed to the Prosecution approved list for offences of counter terrorism, serious and organized crime, rape and fraud as a grade 4 advocate, the highest level.

Jennifer has been named as a Leading Junior in the 2023 edition of the Legal 500 and ranked in the 2023 Chambers UK Bar Guide.

She acts on behalf of the Prosecution and the Defence, being regularly instructed in cases involving multiple Defendants and complex conspiracies. She has particular experience of defending clients who are especially vulnerable, often through age or mental illness. She has a friendly and pragmatic approach, which wins the confidence of both lay and professional clients on both sides.  Notable cases have involved murder, firearms conspiracies, organized crime, money laundering and drug importation.

Jennifer is regularly invited to train local students, as well as being an approved advocacy trainer for the Midlands Circuit.

Homicide (Murder and Manslaughter)

Jennifer has extensive experience of murder cases from gangland shootings to baby shaking allegations. Frequently junior of choice for silks both in chambers and elsewhere on circuit, as well as being instructed by herself.

Noteable cases include:-

  • R v P – 2019- Stafford – defending father of a baby who was found dead at 5 weeks old
  • R v W and D – 2018 – Birmingham- Prosecution of parents in a babyshaking murder
  • R v Williams and others – 2018 – Birmingham – Prosecution of a group of men who had discharged a sub machine gun in a street, killing a bystander.
  • R v W and others – 2017 – Birmingham – Prosecution of 3 school boys for attempted murder  / s.18 wounding who attacked a fellow pupil on school grounds.
  • R v Woolley – 2016 – (Worcester) Prosecution of a man who had murdered his wife by violently assaulting her causing fatal internal injuries.

Organised Crime and Terrorism

Jennifer has been appointed to both prosecution panels as a grade 4 advocate. She is instructed to prosecute multi-defendant cases of the highest level including drug importation, firearms, money laundering, organized violence and terrorism.  She has a great ability to assimilate large and often complex evidence and translate it into a sensible and understandable form for the jury.

Her knowledge and experience as a leading prosecutor in this field has made her barrister of choice for a number of defence firms.

Noteable cases include:-

  • R v H – 2019 – Birmingham – prosecution of conspiracy to acquire a loaded firearm.
  • R v F – 2018 – Chester – defence of a student accused of dealing drugs at a music festival.
  • R v B – 2018 – Birmingham – prosecution of a man alleged to have shot his friend in a revenge attack.
  • R v Williams and others (2018) – Birmingham – Prosecution of gangland shooting
  • R v C (2017) – Birmingham – Defence in a multi-Defendant drug dealing conspiracy involving the large scale supply of Class A drugs.
  • R v Sodhi and others (2017) – Wolverhampton – Prosecution of 4 men involved in a £9.7 million money laundering operation.
  • R v W (2014, 2015) – Birmingham – Prosecution of drug dealing conspiracy, instructed as junior but took over the second trial in the series as leading junior when the silk was appointed to the bench.
  • Operation Coughar (2013-2014) – Birmingham – leading junior, prosecuted 50 Defendants involved in drug dealing, at the time the largest operation of its kind.
  • R v Laing and others (2012) Junior Counsel for the Prosecution in the Birmingham Riots where police were shot at by gang members.

Serious Sexual Offences

Jennifer regularly represents both prosecution and defence in this involved and challenging area of law. She is a vulnerable witness handling advocacy facilitator She has particular experience in representing young and vulnerable Defendants, often in inter-familial allegations.

She also has regularly appeared in cases involving the downloading of illicit material. She has a good understanding and knowledge of dealing with allegations of sexual offending over the internet , something that is very much on the increase these days. She has been instructed in cases of large scale sexual offending by gangs as well as individual offending involving severe breach of trust.

Noteable cases include:

  • R v PC – 2018 – defending man accused of sexually abusing several members of his family, both historic and recently.
  • R v Riley – 2018 – prosecution of a nursery nurse who had sexually abused one the children in his care, the case relied in part on evidence of a 4 year old.
  • Operation Dolomite – 2017 – prosecution of group of men who had kept a young girl in a house and forced her into prostitution
  • R v SC –  2016 – defended man accused of raping his own daughter.
  • Operation Scimitar – 2016 – prosecution of group of men who targeted vulnerable care home girls, subjecting them to rape and violence.
  • R v J – 2015 – defended man accused of sexually abusing his own daughter.

Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Jennifer was appointed to the fraud panel at level 4. Her attention to detail and commitment are essential in this complex area of law. She prosecutes and defends at all levels, dealing with clients from all walks of life on both private and publically funded cases.

Noteable work has included advising commercial clients and their lawyers in related criminal proceedings and prosecuting company directors for tax fraud.

Motoring and Road Traffic

Jennifer generally represents private clients in the Magistrates and Crown Court, as well as of course regular publicly funded work. She has particular experience in dealing with expert evidence, including accident reconstruction, especially in in cases involving fatalities.

Restraint and Confiscation

As part of her regular work in the organised crime arena of drug trafficking and money laundering, Jennifer has developed an enhanced understanding of and experience with POCA applications. This is something that Defence teams find attractive, when looking for expert advice. She has dealt with cases at all levels, from prosecuting million pound fully contested cases, involving hidden assets, through to representing individual clients who have little or no assets at all.

As this area of law continues to grow clients can be assured of a confident pair of hands in arguing and resolving these applications.

Appointments and Memberships

Criminal Bar Association

Midlands Circuit


“Jennifer has excellent advocacy skills. She makes persuasive presentations and always grasps the details of her case.” Chambers & Partners 2023

“Jennifer is an experienced and dedicated senior junior. She commits fully to each case she is involved in and has a very good technical grasp of the relevant law. She shows excellent tactical awareness and works well as a key member of any team. Her advocacy is effective and measured. She has the respect of both the judiciary and her opponents.” Legal 500 2023

“A very experienced and capable advocate who more than holds her own against silks.” Legal 500 2021

“Very fair and an excellent advocate.” Legal 500 2020

“A high-performing junior.” Legal 500

“She has the makings of a future silk.” Legal 500



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