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Beth began her Pupillage in Family Law in October 2019 under the supervision of Nick Brown, Jonathan Nosworthy and Huw Jones.

Beth accepts instructions in all areas of public law and private law children work (including domestic violence injunctions and occupation orders). During her time at chambers Beth has conducted a range of proceedings from lengthy fact-finding hearings in both public and private law to appeals as well as cases heard in the high court.

Prior to commencing her Pupillage Beth taught debating and public speaking classes to students in the UK and Kenya as a mentor in a charitable programme aimed at improving social mobility amongst those from underprivileged backgrounds.

Beth continues to be actively involved in a range of voluntary organisations, she mentors students as part of both the national mock trial competitions and the Young Legal Aid Lawyers Organisation. Beth continues to provide pro bono work for Advocate (formerly the Bar Pro Bono Unit) and has recently completed the Pro Bono Pledge for 2023.

Outside of work, Beth has a keen interest in adrenaline sports, in her spare time Beth enjoys travelling (pandemic permitting) and baking (particularly French baked goods).

Published Cases

MacDougall v SW & Ors (sperm donor: parental responsibility or contact) [2022] EWFC 50

Representing two of the respondent mothers in a sperm donor case where the court decided to name the applicant father and order a section 91(14) barring order.

Recent Cases


SCC v H (November 2023) – instructed to represent the guardian in a fact-finding hearing involving allegations of inflicted harm (bruising and rib fractures) to a six-week old baby, cross examination of expert witnesses and findings of inflicted harm against both parents.

DCC v S (August 2023) – instructed to represent the father in a composite fact-find/final hearing in a case involving allegations that the child involved had been shaken by the father.

SCC v W (September 2023) – representing the vulnerable mother who required an interpreter in a five day fact-finding hearing involving serious allegations of honour based violence and domestic abuse.

SCC v Y (January 2022) – instructed as a junior to senior counsel representing the children’s guardian in a 4-week fact-finding hearing involving allegations of FI and FII.

LCC v K (July 2020) – instructed as second junior counsel (led by Queen’s counsel and senior junior) representing the mother in a 2 week fact-finding hearing with allegations of NAI.


K v O (July 2023) – acting for the respondent in the applicant’s application for a non-molestation order and occupation order, successfully opposed the applications over a three day contested final hearing which resulted in findings against the applicant that she had fabricated allegations to help secure her immigration status. Successful application for full costs of just over £18,000 against the applicant.

O v O (March 2022) – acting for the respondent in non-molestation proceedings involving covert recordings, successfully disproved the allegations which resulted in the application being dismissed and a costs order being awarded in the respondent’s favour.

S v S (August 2021) – acting for the mother in an application for relocation of the children and a change of schools, successfully challenged a section 7 report such that the judge departed from the recommendations contained within and endorsed both applications for the mother.

K v N (May 2021) – representing a 16.4 children’s guardian in a case involving the attempted murder of one of the parents. Successful application to remove the parent’s parental responsibility and dismiss their application for both forms of contact.

L v C (February 2021) – acting for the 16.4 children’s guardian in a 2-week fact-finding hearing involving serious allegations of fabricated illness in a parent and tampering of a child’s medication.

Pro bono work

Beth has held voluntary positions with pro bono organisations including: mentor with Young Citizens, developing advocacy skills with students as part of the Citizens National Mock Trial Competitions, and with Streetlaw by providing legal workshops to schools and local communities.

Beth has completed the Advocate Pro Bono Pledge 2023 for over 25 hours of pro bono work.

Pro Bono Pledge 2023


LLB (Hons), Law, University of Birmingham, 2:1

BPTC (LLM), BPP, Very Competent

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