Nicholas Smith Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Call: 1994


Nick is an experienced criminal practitioner.  He has a wide ranging practice both prosecuting and defending.  Before coming to the Bar he served in the Bristish Army for 16 years, most notably as a small arms instructor with an expertise in weapons safety and explosives.  He participated in a number of courts martials both in the UK and abroad.

Nick has a friendly and approachable manner and is able quickly to put witnesses and defendants at ease so that they feel confident and able to express themselves fully.  He takes time to explain matters and ensure that people do not feel overawed by the court process.

He expresses himself well to juries and has a confident and comfortable manner when making submissions.  Nick ensures that his arguments are easy to follow and delivered in a succint and logical manner.

Nick has been a member of the Criminal Bar Association for many years and is an accredited Rape Prosecutor with the CPS.

Nick has considerable experience prosecuting and defending in violent crime ranging from the more usual street violence through the use of weapons to wound and to being led murder trials.  Trials have involved of expert evidence regarding wounds suffered and the nature of weapons and type of force used.  He is able to defend individuals accused on their own or as part of a group and is adept at modifying his tactics and cross examination in order to obtain the best result for his client.

Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Nick has partcipated in many trials featuring matters of dishonesty such as burglary theft and fraud. This recently including proscuting family members for stealing money from an elderly lady who had died. It required robust and detailed submissions regarding the law of theft and resulted in a conviction despite submissions having originally been made by the defence that there was no case to answer.
Defending he recently represented a man accused with his brothers of being part of a multi million pound fraud upon banks and other financial institutions. Despite the defendant not giving evidence, through measured and specifically targetted cross examination he ensured the acquittal of his client whilst the other members were convicted.

He has specialised in matters of benefit fraud for some time and has both prosecuted and defended in trials involving large sums of defrauded money. These have included failures to declare income, inheritances, property ownership and cases of couples living together.

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