“Prosecuting & Defending Victims of Modern Slavery” webinar for MBL

Ben Douglas-Jones KC
Written by:

Andrew Rourke


Ben Douglas-Jones KC is delivering a pre-recorded webinar titled “Prosecuting & Defending Victims of Modern Slavery” which will be streamed via MBL Seminars Ltd at 12:30pm on Thursday 27th June 2024.

The webinar is designed to alert practitioners and stakeholders who deal with all aspects of criminal justice (in all types of offences) and those who engage with victims of trafficking and slavery to indicators of trafficking, how to identify the components of trafficking and what to do procedurally, evidentially and in an advisory capacity to ensure the people are prosecuted only in appropriate circumstances and that people are properly defended.

Practical, step-by-step guidance as to the duties of police, prosecutors and defence practitioners will also be given.

You can find out more and register to attend the session here: https://www.mblseminars.com/courses-by-id/19314

Written by Andrew Rourke