Ben Close and Robert Ward successfully prosecute film producers in 5 month trial

Ben Close & Robert Ward
Written by:

Andrew Rourke


Ben Close and Robert Ward have successfully prosecuted two brothers, who were each sentenced to 7 years’ imprisonment after being found guilty of conspiring to make fraudulent claims for Film Tax Relief and VAT. 

The defendants represented themselves, and told the jury they were successful film producers who had made films available on platforms such as Amazon and in national supermarkets. 

The prosecution case was that whilst some films were made, the brothers exaggerated production costs, told lies about a film made in LA when saying it was made in the UK, and made claims for a film that was not made at all during the indictment period. One of their films included scenes filmed on a handheld camera in Leamington Spa and on the London Underground, to give it the appearance of a UK film. 

One defendant was sentenced in his absence after leaving the country after cross-examination commenced.

Coverage of this case can be found on the BBC News website:

Written by Andrew Rourke