Serious Sexual Offences


Within the criminal team at St Philips are a number of highly skilled experts.  In this increasingly technical area of law they have unparalleled breadth of experience underpinned by a dedication to the developing case law, practice and procedure.

Every member of the Serious Sexual Offences team has been instructed in cases dealing with children and other vulnerable witnesses or defendants and many have conducted cases with intermediaries.

Members of the team have been instructed in serious and complex cases of exploitation, human trafficking, paedophile rings, internet grooming and allegations made against those who work with children or vulnerable adults.

The team has huge experience of dealing with historical allegations. This burgeoning area of work demands an in depth knowledge of disclosure rules and protocols, abuse of process law, and above all, specialist advocacy.

The experience of the team’s members in this area has proved invaluable in their securing the right result, time and time again.