Naomi Gilchrist Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Call: 1996


Naomi began her professional career as a solicitor at what is now a national and international law firm where she practiced in regulatory work, licensing/gaming and white collar crime. She transferred to the Bar in 1996 and has been a specialist advocate in those fields ever since. Her background as a solicitor gives her a rare understanding from the perspective of the professional client and is just one of her unique selling points. She places great importance on understanding the inner workings of law firms and the pressures faced therein and more recently took a secondment within the regulatory department of a tier 1 law firm.

Naomi’s experience is considerable and wide-ranging. She regularly deals with high profile complex matters. Her approach is user friendly yet professional and meticulous. She has a razor-sharp legal mind and is an extremely persuasive advocate. Her flexible manner makes her equally effective in front of the varied types of tribunal encountered in these fields, from the Magistrates Court to the Administrative Court and before disciplinary panels.

She is regularly instructed to defend in privately funded cases in all courts across the country and has a reputation for being commercially minded and cost sensitive. She encourages the use of fixed / capped fees where appropriate providing certainty of costs for clients.

What the Directories Say:

  • “She prepares well and is extremely client friendly.” and “A very safe pair of hands.” – Legal 500 2019
  • “Very client-friendly, extremely capable in court and very thorough. Clients love her. She puts a lot of time into cases.” – Chambers UK 2019
  • “Her advocacy style is fearless yet appealing to judge and jury.” – Legal 500
  • Unshakably confident and firm in advocacy.“, “A great lawyer, who is to the point, economical and realistic.” – Legal 500
  • A former solicitor whose heavyweight crime practice is highlighted by solicitors due to her exemplary client care skills. She defends and prosecutes in cases ranging from white-collar crime to regulatory offences.” – Chambers & Partners
  • She is extremely client focused and an extremely good advocate.“; “She provides a top service to solicitors” – Chambers & Partners
  • She has a head for tactics, and is a good all-rounder.“; and “(she is) someone going very far indeed, almost certainly to silk and then to the Bench” – Chambers & Partners
  • (She is) meticulous in her preparation.” and “(she) has exceptionally good judgment, persuasive arguments and impressive cross examination skills.” – Legal 500

Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Naomi has considerable experience within the field of business and financial crime. That experience includes advising in and/or conducting cases involving various methods of fraud, including, long/short firm, MTIC, advance fee, skimming, identity, and ‘criminal cash back‘, as well as corruption and misconduct in public office and money laundering.

Cases include:

Operation Savate: Highly complex large scale building construction VAT/PAYE fraud.  Long running covert operation leading to the arrest and charge of over 20 people.  Defendants to be tried in a series of 3 trials.  Instructed to represent one of the defendants said to be involved with the core group responsible for setting up and operating the conspiracy.  High volume of material [60,000+ pages].  VHCC.

Operation Breithorn: Multi-hander involving a number of separate conspiracies each fraudulent in nature; Sophisticated large scale conspiracy to obtain leave to remain in the UK by deception involving over 30 separate applications; Numerous conspiracies to obtain mortgage advances by misrepresentation; Conspiracies to obtain various benefits by misrepresentation.  [Prosecution, leading].

Operations Flesh and Brattice:  Conspiracies to import hundreds of kilos of heroin from Pakistan.  Related sophisticated money laundering involving international banking/money exchange bureaus, layering and subsequent integration. [defence, led]

R v Iqbal & Others: Multi handed conspiracy to steal.  Complex conspiracy involving the theft to order of high value cars, fraudulent re-identification of the vehicles and onward sale.  [defence, alone]


R v Price:  NHS procurement fraud [defence]


R v Khurana & Others:  Serious, sophisticated identity theft and credit card fraud conspiracy conducted over a long period of time [defence]

R v Nally & others:  Conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to steal.  ‘Short firm’ fraud and ‘criminal cash back’ [defence]

R v Patel & others:  Banking conspiracy [defence]

Re The Moya Group  Restraint orders pending prosecution of directors and others. Advising accountants regarding potential administration/appointment as administrator in light of the restraining orders and other complications

R v Lubamba & others:  Conspiracy to steal and conspiracy to defraud. Complex conspiracies involving a network of criminals across the country with losses in the region of £52 million pounds to the DWP [defence, alone]

R v Ahmed:  Fraud over long period of time involving numerous false identities and money laundering [prosecution, alone]

R v Holder & Holder:  Sophisticated fraud upon charity by director and wife. [prosecution]

R v Darko & others:  Large scale conspiracy involving ATM ‘skimming’ and identity theft across London and the West Midlands [prosecution]

R v Sholl:  Consumer Credit Act/‘loan shark’ [prosecution]

R v Basstoe: Consumer Credit Act/‘loan shark’ [prosecution]

R v Cannon & others:  Money laundering/counterfeit cds/dvds [prosecution]

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