James Dunstan Homicide (Murder and Manslaughter)

Call: 1995


James Dunstan is a highly regarded and very experienced senior junior in crime, with a serious style which has brought him an extremely successful track record of both prosecuting to conviction and defending to acquittal.He attributes this to a knack for jury persuasion, and always getting home the best points in any case. He is also versatile, and handles the full range of work in the Crown Court and higher Courts, and has experience in the following areas: Homicide (Murder and Manslaughter), Serious Sexual Offences, Organised Crime and Terrorism, Corporate and Gross Negligence Manslaughter, Motoring and Road Traffic, Fraud, Business and Financial Crime, and Restraint and Confiscation. In addition he is qualified to receive work on a Direct Access basis.


Homicide (Murder and Manslaughter)

He has prosecuted and defended several homicide cases, as junior and junior led by QC. An example is the defence of a 17 year old boy charged with the manslaughter of a well-known local character at a supermarket. He has dealt with extradition in the context of a murder indictment in a case successfully defended to an acquittal of murder. He has experience of prosecuting in a case involving the death from shaking of a months-old baby at the hands of his mother and step-father, with a large number of experts.

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