Darron Whitehead Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Call: 1995


Having returned home to the Midland Circuit in 2000, Darron has established a busy practice specialising solely in criminal law. Always in demand, he has earnt a reputation for being thorough, approachable and persuasive in his approach to each new instruction. He receives both publicly and privately funded work, with his practice leaning in favour of representing those accused as his reputation for success at trial continues.

His case load reflects a broad range of serious offences varying in complexity & gravity. Regular instructions involve offences of murder, including both well planned or spontaneous acts of killing by individuals as well as gang related offences, child homicides, manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter, serious violent assaults, cases of kidnap and torture, firearms and armed robbery, large scale football match disorders, prison riots and mutiny, matrimonial & stranger rape and other serious sexual offences, large scale undercover police operations targeting importation and supply of drugs, and most recently high profile media cases involving celebrities behaving badly.

He has been led by Queens Counsel on numerous occasions in complex and multifaceted cases before High Court Judges. He too has led Junior advocates in similar cases lasting many weeks at trial. Darron has accumulated considerable experience in the Court of Appeal, presenting and responding to appeals against conviction, sentence and rulings of law.

Darron is a Grade 4 * prosecutor (highest grade) and Pupil Supervisor. He is a member of the Criminal Bar Association.

Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Darron has been instructed on several complex cases requiring the preparation, understanding and analysis of evidence in excess of 50,000 pages. His patience and ability to simplify complicated financial affairs in order to best assist clients has resulted in repeated instructions. Examples of such cases include:

  • R .v. Hoang (2017) [Stafford] – successfully defended a Vietnamese National accused of child trafficking and offences under the Modern Slavery Act. This was the first prosecution under the new Act and received national media attention as well as being a BBC documentary.
  • R .v. H (2017) [The Old Bailey] – defended an Autistic youth with advanced computer skills who hacked into Talk Talk stealing personal data at the cost of £77m to the company.
  • R .v. G and others (2015) - [Coventry] - defended a manager working for British Gas accused of selling over £110k of stock and assets belonging to his employer to scrap metal dealers.
  • R .v. R and others (2014) [Birmingham] - ghost companies were set up purportedly supplying agency workers for Government contracts to relay motorways and gantries. False invoices and timesheets were supplied over a period of 2 years resulting in fraud in excess of £7m.
  • R .v. A and others (2013) [Birmingham] - an entire family embarked on a £1/2m online fraud whereby they would repeatedly advertise high value goods on Gumtree, but failed to deliver even where individuals had paid in cash. Their financial gains were concealed by an intricate web of sub accounts.
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