Restraint and Confiscation


The St Philips Criminal Group Restraint and Confiscation Team offers specialist advocates with substantial experience of all aspects of restraint and confiscation, both for matters arising out of criminal trials and also in separate forfeiture and confiscation proceedings.  The team understands the implications of restraint and confiscation which feature in all stages of the criminal process whether it be for the defence or for the prosecution. The team provides representation in relation to the variation and discharge of restraint orders and also in applications where an individual’s assets can no longer meet a confiscation order.

We are regularly instructed by a range of prosecuting authorities including the Serious Fraud Office, the Revenue and Customs Prosecution Office, BIS and the specialist divisions of the Crown Prosecution Service. Members of the Group also work with the Regional Asset Recovery Teams and appear on behalf of individual police services.

There is equal experience in defending these proceedings. We represent everyone from the individual to the corporation, from those charged with single offences of dishonesty to those alleged to have been involved with organised crime. We understand that the consequences of a conviction can have major repercussions far beyond the date of sentence.

The team recognises that specialist knowledge is key to providing the very best service, including both advice and advocacy, in this constantly developing area of law. Members of the team regularly lecture at seminars and publish articles on this specialist area of law.