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Regulatory List Appointments

The St Philips Regulatory Group are delighted to announce that several of their members have been appointed to the Panel of Specialist Regulatory Advocates and are now eligible to prosecute on behalf of a number of regulatory bodies including the Health & Safety Executive and the Environment Agency. Lee Marklew, Jim Dunstan, Charles BlatchfordJenny Josephs, Ben Williams, Jonathan Barker, Ben Close and Joe Millington all join at List B. James Bruce joins at List C.

Additionally, following a successful application, Deputy Head of the Regulatory Group, Ben Mills moves up from List B to List A joining Head of Group, Jim Puzey.

Commenting on the recent appointments, Senior Regulatory Clerk, Alan Durham has said “this is a mark of the depth and quality of regulatory practitioners at St Philips”. Furthermore, he is very pleased to be able to offer a wider range of proven prosecutors and highly regarded trial advocates of varying levels of seniority to those seeking to instruct List Counsel.

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