Darron Whitehead Homicide (Murder and Manslaughter)

Call: 1995


Having returned home to the Midland Circuit in 2000, Darron has established a busy practice specialising solely in criminal law. Always in demand, he has earnt a reputation for being thorough, approachable and persuasive in his approach to each new instruction. He receives both publicly and privately funded work, with his practice leaning in favour of representing those accused as his reputation for success at trial continues.

His case load reflects a broad range of serious offences varying in complexity & gravity. Regular instructions involve offences of murder, including both well planned or spontaneous acts of killing by individuals as well as gang related offences, child homicides, manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter, serious violent assaults, cases of kidnap and torture, firearms and armed robbery, large scale football match disorders, prison riots and mutiny, matrimonial & stranger rape and other serious sexual offences, large scale undercover police operations targeting importation and supply of drugs, and most recently high profile media cases involving celebrities behaving badly.

He has been led by Queens Counsel on numerous occasions in complex and multifaceted cases before High Court Judges. He too has led Junior advocates in similar cases lasting many weeks at trial. Darron has accumulated considerable experience in the Court of Appeal, presenting and responding to appeals against conviction, sentence and rulings of law.

Darron is a Grade 4 * prosecutor (highest grade) and Pupil Supervisor. He is a member of the Criminal Bar Association.

Homicide (Murder and Manslaughter)

Darron has been involved in several high profile and emotive murder and manslaughter cases where he has either been led by very experienced Queens Counsel, or has conducted the case himself leading other Junior members of the bar. Notable cases include:

  • R .v. EC (2018) [Stafford] – defending the mother of a 5-week baby accused or murder, where the cause of death remains unknown.
  • Operation Epsilon (2018) [Birmingham] – prosecuting a house owner for the manslaughter of his roommate as the pair had been preparing drugs and blew up the block of flats.
  • R .v. Gz (2018) [Stafford] – prosecuting a lorry driver who ploughed into a car on the M6 killing 5 members of the same family.
  • R .v. F (2018) [Stafford] – prosecuted the estranged partner who concealed a knife in a car and then stabbed the victim multiple times whilst she was driving whilst their 10 yr old son in the back.
  • R .v. V (2018) [Stafford] – defended a 20 yr old Romanian National who cut the throat of his 16 yr old estranged girlfriend
  • R .v. IL (2017) [Birmingham] – successfully defended the alleged driver of a car involved in a drive-by shooting in the town centre.
  • R .v. SH (2016) [Stafford] – successfully defended the ex-girlfriend of the deceased who was accused of manslaughter and assisting an offender to dispose of the body.
  • R .v. J (2016) [Birmingham] – prosecuted and convicted this defendant of attempted murder having point blankly fired a gun at a rival’s head whilst sitting in a car. Complex case involving facial mapping and clothing recognition, anpr tracking and covert telephone recordings after the incident.
  • R .v. PM (2016) [Stafford] – successfully defended one of five men who followed, ambushed and allegedly murdered a rival gang member, all being captured on CCTV.
  • R .v. C & C (2015) [Birmingham] - successfully prosecuted the manager of a superstore was having an affair with another employee. When her demands of exclusivity were made, he and his brother devised a plan to lure the deceased to an address in Leicester, where they killed her using chloroform and buried the body in an allotment, before attempting to cover their tracks by sending false text messages and disposing of cars and clothes. Each defendant received minimum 30-year sentences of imprisonment.
  • R .v. D (2015) [Stafford] - successfully defended a man accused of pushing a drug addict out of a moving car following the deceased's failure to settle a debt owed to the driver of the car.
  • R .v. H (2014) [Worcester] - defended a man who had consumed heroin during the course of a night, triggering delusional belief that others were trying to get him, including his pregnant fiancé. Having locked down the house, he stabbed the deceased 65 times using different weapons in front of their 2-year-old daughter.
  • R .v. W (2014) [Birmingham] - prosecuted a law student for attempted murder who invited into his home three individuals from the local area who had been bragging about their criminal past, in order to use them as test subjects. When he realised they had turned the tables on him and were stealing from the house, he stabbed one of the burglars in the head leaving the tip of the knife embedded in his brain.
  • R .v. L (2014) [Birmingham] - defended the father of a 6-week-old baby accused of manslaughter by beating and shaking this child to death whilst asleep in her cot.
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