COVID Collection Seminar Series

Covid-19 seminars
Written by:

Guy Dunwoody

Topic: “Anti-vaxxers” are they protected under the Equality Act, what are the implications, what are the potential human rights issues and have they made a protected disclosure?
Date: 9th December 2022
Time: 0930 – 1030
Location: Zoom
Speaker: Ed Beever and  Bruce Frew

An analysis of the potential issues that arise from a small, vocal, minority that identify the vaccination programme as part of a dangerous conspiracy.  The anxieties to be considered on the basis that it may give rise to discrimination claims where there is a potential of protection of a philosophical belief; the scope to argue that a vaccination requirement is an unnecessary invasion of an individual’s Article 8 right to privacy (or Article 9 freedom of thought, conscience and religion) and finally what consideration must be given to the potential of an anti-vaxxer being a whistleblower.



Topic: COVID-19 Dismissals
Date: 19th May 2022
Time: 1630 – 1730
Location: Zoom and Park Place, 30 Park Place, Leeds LS1 2SP
Speaker: Paul Wilson

Currently, there is a “pipeline” of unfair dismissal cases going through the ETs, where the reason for dismissal relates to COVID-19, in particular:

  • Dismissal for failing to comply with COVID-19 safety measures
  • Refusing to return to the workplace because of health and safety concerns, or
  • Leaving the workplace because of health and safety concerns
  • Refusing mandatory vaccination

This seminar looks at how these issues are being (or might be) dealt with and what the permanent employment law ramifications could be.


Topic: Home or the Office?
Date: 26th May 2022
Time: 0930 – 1030
Location: Zoom
Speakers: Julie Duane, Colin Baran and Chevan Ilangaratne

This session, on the challenges and insights around homeworking and returning to the office, specifically focuses on perceptions about whether employees should be permitted to continue homeworking, whether a return to the office is paramount, and whether a hybrid arrangement truly offers the flexibility to both employers and employees.


Topic: Redundancies and Re-organisations in the age of COVID-19
Date: 23rd June 2022
Time: 0930 – 1030
Location: Zoom
Speaker: Francis Mortin and Wendy Miller

The session will focus on the practical steps advisers should take in establishing whether a genuine redundancy situation exists or whether the employer is actually carrying out a reorganisation, the impact of the pandemic in justifying those exercises and litigation arising from it.


Written by Guy Dunwoody