Courts Martial


St Philip’s Chambers Criminal Group has a wide range of advocates able to prosecute or defend in Courts Martial, encompassing the full range of offences, both civil and military.  Courts Martial work involves specialist knowledge not just of law but also of the procedures and guidelines pertaining to the Armed Forces.  A number of members of our team have served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces both in the UK and overseas.

All members of our team will provide a first class service, however we understand that an advocate who has served in the Armed Forces may well be able to better relate to soldiers, sailors or airmen facing Courts Martial. They will be familiar with the special demands of service life, whether in zones of conflict, public duties or training at home.  Understanding the particular requirements of Armed Forces discipline and the stresses it can bring will allow advocates to build a strong rapport and gain the confidence of any client.

Our Courts Martial Barristers