Shareholder Actions (Third Edition) by Andrew Charman now published by Bloomsbury Professional

Andrew Charman
Written by:

Jake Smithers


St Philips is delighted to announce that the Third Edition Andrew Charman of Andrew Charman’s book, “Shareholder Actions” has been published by Bloomsbury Professional.

Originally published by Bloomsbury Professional in 2013 with the second edition following in December 2017, Shareholder Actions is a comprehensive guide to the possible actions shareholders may be entitled to pursue, on whichever side of the dispute they might be involved.

As well as unfair prejudice and derivative actions, and the many personal actions arising from the Companies Act 2006, the book covers actions based in common law and equity, as well as actions based in other statutory law.

It also explores occurrences of directors owing fiduciary duties directly to shareholders and the ‘no reflective loss’ rule providing a clear view of its scope, but also its limitations.

The book is available in print and as an eBook via Bloomsbury Professional.

Anyone wishing to purchase a hardback copy of the book can do so with an exclusive St Philips discount by clicking here and entering the promo code BPLSA3DISC10 at checkout for a 10% discount.

Written by Jake Smithers