Carolyn Jones and Bethany Armitage appear in unique case

Carolyn & Bethany
Written by:

Anthony Burgess


Carolyn Jones and Bethany Armitage appear in a unique and interesting case in The Family Court involving a sperm donor. The donor was named by the court in a bid to warn other members of the public about the inherent difficulties and concerns arising from informal sperm donor arrangements. Mrs Justice Lieven concluded that ‘although JM told the Court that he had ceased to act as a sperm donor…I have no confidence that he will not act as a sperm donor in the future. I equally have no confidence in him fully explaining to any woman the true implications of his Fragile X Syndrome. There is therefore a very specific benefit in him being named in the hope that women will look him up on the internet and see this judgment…’

In this unusual case the court grappled with issues arising from informal sperm donation. The proceedings involved applications made by James MacDougall, the named biological father, for parental responsibility and contact with the children. This is an important case for anyone involved with or considering using sperm donated through ‘unofficial means’ or not otherwise through a registered clinic. This case provides an explanation of the law surrounding informal sperm donation.

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Written by Anthony Burgess