Cameras Broadcast Live From Courtrooms

Jim Puzey
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Jim Puzey, specialist Regulatory practitioner at St Philips Chambers, was recently hosted by Sky News Sunrise to discuss the televising of courts. He was interviewed at the Sky studio in West London by Eamon Holmes, the same day that broadcasting from the Court of Appeal began.

“I was asked about whether there was likely to be much interest in it from the public and why it was being done. I explained that the policy was to increase public accessibility to what the Courts do and increase understanding particularly of the criminal justice system. I was asked whether I thought it would lead to the televising of trials in the crown court or magistrates court. I said that live broadcast was unlikely at least in the foreseeable future because of the risks posed to fair trials by possible contamination of a witness’ evidence or increased fear by witnesses of intimidation. However, as trials in Scotland had already been televised after the event and with all parties’ consent there was no reason in theory why that could not happen here”.

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