Rebecca Wade KC represents 15 year old acquitted on all counts in murder trial

Rebecca Wade KC
Written by:

Andrew Rourke


In April 2024 the trial of ten defendants commenced at the Crown Court at Manchester before Goose J; all ten were accused of the murder of a 16 year old boy, with manslaughter in the alternative.

Kennie Carter was stabbed to death in the Stretford area in January 2022. The Prosecution alleged that the murder of Kennie Carter was an act of vengeance for an incident that had occurred the day before.

The jury returned mixed verdicts which included a conviction for murder, for a single defendant, and convictions for manslaughter for three others. The remaining six defendants were acquitted on all counts.

Rebecca Wade KC, leading Tom McKail, represented a 15 year old defendant (aged 13 years at the time of the allegation) who was one of those acquitted by the jury on all counts.

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Written by Andrew Rourke