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Yolanda Pemberton


Due to the success of the specialist Family Pupillage programme over the past three years, we are delighted to announce that three new specialist Family pupils are starting with us in October. We would like to welcome the three new specialist Family pupils to the team and can’t wait to meet you in person!

Our new pupils will be starting their first six in October with specialist Family supervisors and will only be undertaking Family work, across all the subgroups.

We are also very happy to announce that we have offered, and accepted, two further specialist Family pupils, who will begin in 2022. This will mean that in just four years, St Philips Family Team will have produced nine specialist Family pupils.

Yolanda Pemberton, Head of Pupillage at St Philips commented “I am thrilled to have been involved in such a successful pupillage programme, over the last three years we have not only been able to offer tenancy to all of our specialist family pupils, but all groups within Chambers have had similar successes. I would like to welcome our new pupils to the Family Team and hope to see them in Chambers soon”.

You might have missed

The last few years have been a challenge to us all, so you’ll be forgiven if you missed the announcement in which our last cohort of pupils, was offered full tenancy.

We would like to take this time to once again congratulate Bethany Armitage and Luke Tallis, who successfully completed their pupillage during the most difficult of years.

By now you should have been given the chance to meet Luke and Beth in person, at our yearly “Meet the Juniors” seminar. With restrictions, we thought it best to wait until we can do this in person, as we felt it would lose its purpose of being remote. Please stay tuned for details later this year, when we are able to run the event safely.

For further information or to book any of our junior tenants please contact the clerks on:

Mark Mansell: Direct Dial 07850 958 183 e-mail mmansell@st-philips.com

Anthony Burgess: Direct Dial 07894 960 836 or e-mail aburgess@st-philips.com

Kelly Fullwood: Direct Dial 0121 246 2177 or e-mail kfullwood@st-philips.com

Sarah Doyle: Direct Dial 0121 246 2054 or e-mail sdoyle@st-philips.com

Written by Yolanda Pemberton