St Philips Chambers Atrium
Written by:

Mark Mansell


We invite you to attend the above Seminar where three members of our Finance Team will guide practitioners through a number of hot topics within FR cases:

  • Welfare benefits and financial remedies: Practitioners who deal with needs cases – or even some sharing cases – will know the frequency in which one or both of the parties is in receipt of welfare benefits. However, it is important for those practitioners to have some understanding of the welfare system, including how the benefits received may have significant impact on a financial order (and vice versa). Luke Tallis will give an overview of the system and provide some practical tips to consider if your case involves benefits.
  • Death of a spouse during a financial remedies claim – what next? It is a situation which is neither trivial or unheard of – a spouse unexpectedly dies before or after a financial order is made. Can the surviving spouse pursue financial relief against the estate under the Inheritance Act 1975? What difference would it make if the financial order has already been made? Those questions (and more!) will be answered by Emma Templar
  • The ideal FDR Bundle: A whistle stop tour of how to get the most out of your FDR bundle to enable your clients case to be pleaded effectively. Examples of what the court finds helpful and what it does not! Jack Best will create an ideal bundle exemplar and a exemplar of a bundle that is not so ideal and he will demonstrate the differences, including how property particulars can be the secret weapon on a needs case.

Venue: St Philips Chambers, 55 Temple Row Birmingham, B2 5LS
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Date: 8th November 2023
Start Time: 4:00 pm 
Finish Time: 5.30 pm
Networking and refreshments: until 6.30 pm
Cost: Free


Written by Mark Mansell