Charles Blatchford defends in drink driving case at Hull Magistrates Court

Written by:

Andrew Rourke


Image: Hull Live

Charles Blatchford represented a defendant who was initially arrested for drink driving with a roadside breath test at over 3 times the legal limit.  At the police station he was so impaired through intoxication that he was unable to provide an official breath specimen.  Following the charge for failure to provide and being released on bail, around 24 hours later, the defendant was involved in a traffic collision where minor injuries were sustained by the other driver.

A breath test showed the defendant was more than twice the drink-drive limit at the time of the collision.

There were significant mitigating factors.  Police procedures were legally correct but some police actions contributed to the overall circumstances.

With careful and detailed preparation for mitigation and robust submissions in court the Magistrates handed down a total sentence of £240 in fines and the minimum mandatory period of disqualification of 36 months.  The court was persuaded to use its discretion and offered the defendant the opportunity to participate in a drink driver rehabilitation course which will reduce the period of his disqualification further.

Charles was instructed by Govinda Singh of Strand Solicitors (Halifax).

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Written by Andrew Rourke