Wendy Miller Crime

Call: 2001


Wendy is often commended for her level of judgement, meticulous preparation and steadfast approach to her cases.

She demonstrates a high level of professionalism and client care to those who instruct her and she is instructed in a wide range of criminal cases by the prosecution and defence including: attempted murder, serious sexual offences, violent offences, benefit fraud, tax evasion, child cruelty, firearms offences, fraud, drug importation and conspiracy.

She is a highly experienced and effective advocate and has considerable experience in dealing with vulnerable witnesses and defendants with mental health problems. A substantial part of her practice has been in both current and historic serious sexual offences and she is experienced in cases involving the use of intermediaries and cross examining vulnerable complainants including very young children.

Wendy is a grade 3 prosecutor.

Recent Cases:

  • R v K – prosecuted by Queens Counsel – Defendant was one of 5 who administered a campaign of grievous bodily harm upon a step daughter within the family unit. Defendant (aunt) suffered mental health issues.
  • R v V – Represented the defendant who was one of four in a family responsible for the false imprisonment and brutal attacks upon a mother and daughter over a three week period.  Defendant suffered with paranoid schizophrenia.
  • R v A – Junior in attempted murder by strangulation. Defendant (16 years old) and victim, both complainant and defendant in a psychiatric hospital. Defendant unfit to plead – issues over whether the defendant “did the acts” as opposed to a matter of intention.
  • R v P – Represented defendant charged with attempted murder of a grave digger resulting in multiple head wounds – forensic scientific evidence of dna analysis and facial mapping.
  • R v T – Child cruelty – 6 week old baby suffered a contusional cleft to the left frontal lobe (brain injury), a fractured femur, and suspected cerebral palsy. There were many issues in the case concerning causation. Whether the injuries were related to a birth injury, shaking, and deliberate twisting or impact injury – Complex issues in order to deal with cross examination of experts. After two years of expert opinion and legal argument the defendant was acquitted.
  • R v R – Knife point robbery of 82 year old woman in her own home. Complex cross examination of the complainant due to her age and amnesia.
  • R v C – Gun point robbery in an off licence (5 year old child present) – intricate technical assessment of cell site analysis.

Fraud, Business and Financial Crime

Wendy has experience of prosecuting and defending cases under the Proceeds of Crime Act and has regularly defended in cases following on from her “organised crime” practice.

She has considerable experience in dealing with all aspects of fraud. Some examples of her experience are listed below:

  • R v B - Charity fraud - accountant accused of obtaining money by deception
  • R v S - Car hire company - vehicles ordered and not delivered – false accounting
  • R v G - Multi-million pound conspiracy within the scrap metal industry: stolen beer kegs from several major breweries - 3 month trial – one of thirteen defendants against Queens Counsel.
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Motoring and Road Traffic

Wendy has wide-ranging experience of defending motorists on a private basis. She has dealt with arguments concerning, exceptional hardship, totting up and disqualification, dangerous and careless driving.

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Organised Crime and Terrorism

Wendy’s practice includes defending in a wide spectrum of cases. This includes, large-scale conspiracies to steal high value motor vehicles, large scale tax evasion (15 million) on contraband cigarettes (Wendy represented the UK syndicate leader), high value cannabis operations and conspiracy to supply drugs.

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Serious Sexual Offences

Recent Cases:

  • R v F - Historic rape - 52 charges of serious sexual offences on the complainant when aged between 5 to 18 yrs. The defendant was the complainant’s father and a paramedic by profession. He was also co-accused with an SAS member. The case had a number of sensitive issues. The defendant had allegedly used entonox gas to assist him in facilitating vaginal, anal and oral rapes upon his daughter. Complex disclosure issues: application for all redacted material concerning a co-defendant (SAS member) to be un-redacted/disclosed. Issues concerned the Ministry of Defence and the right to anonymity, extensive issues on disclosure and PII.
  • R v R - Child rape - 4 year old complainant / defendant 16 years old. Cross examination of a vulnerable witness. Defendant acquitted following legal argument.
  • R v P - Historical rape dating back 38 years - four week trial ‑Defendant was head of the science department at a boarding school for hearing impaired children in the 1980's. He was charged with 13 counts of sexual offences including: rape, buggery and indecent assault against vulnerable children. There were five profoundly deaf complainants. All required sign language interpreters and two required an intermediary due to mental health issues. Very complex and sensitive cross examination. Defendant acquitted of all counts. Extensive issues on disclosure and legal argument.
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