Update from the Financial Remedy Court

St. Philips Chambers
Written by:

Mark Mansell


On Wednesday 17th June 2020, St Philips Family Team had the pleasure of hosting three specialist Financial Remedy Judges, to provide an update from the Financial Remedy Court.

For those unable to attend, the session was recorded and is now available to view below.


Following the webinar there has been a short update provided by HHJ Rowland:

“At the webinar on 17 June I explained how the backlog of Forms A issued since the lockdown has developed and that the work on addressing the problem has begun.  I am now able to add some detail on how it is hoped that will be achieved.  Next week the process of training 4 new staff members will commence and today an additional 90 sitting days for DDJs has been approved.  The First Appointments for these cases will be listed from September onwards and, barring further unforeseen eventualities, the plan is to clear the backlog by the end of the calendar year as well as listing the applications which are filed during that period.”

Written by Mark Mansell