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Carolyn Jones
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Carolyn Jones


By Carolyn Jones, Head of Family Law Group

St Philips Family Team have been working hard to overcome the challenges in these unique times. We have now established a system that allows us to conduct video conferences and remote court and private hearings.

Using Zoom, is straightforward and simple for external users to connect to remotely.

How it works

A link will be emailed, and then choose to connect either through your browser, with no download required, or download the Zoom app on your smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC. This is invaluable to those who may not be able to install the software. It can be connected to by clients at the click of a button.

What can Zoom do

Zoom has a stable connection, so it can be used in remote locations and uses little bandwidth whilst still providing top quality audio and visuals.

Zoom can host up to 100 users in a single call, and breakout rooms are able to be assigned for parties to discuss matters separately.

Zoom integrates directly with Dropbox to allow us to share and receive files as you go. Dropbox is already integrated into our in house systems, giving us unparalleled ability to work remotely.

The calls are able to be recorded, securely to the cloud and shared immediately after a call has concluded. The system is fully GDPR compliant and has multiple layers of security to protect the users and the recordings.

We are already using Zoom to run both children and finance hearings and multiple conferences every day and we are confident that it is the best solution currently on the market.


These can now be conducted by zoom video calls through zoom. If you book a conference the clerks will do the rest. You and your client will receive an email with a link. Just click on the zoom link at the appointed time.

Private FDRs and Private Children Arbitrations

These can be conducted via zoom. There is facility for hearing, break off rooms and counsel discussions in a corridor. When you book you will be sent an email with a link. Just click on the link at the appointed time.

All staff are now working remotely from home but are still able to provide you with the first class service you have come to expect. If you have any questions or difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us in the usual way.

Written by Carolyn Jones