Private FDR’s, Early Neutral Evaluation & Covid 19 Update

Written by:

Mark Mansell


At this challenging time, we have several highly experienced financial remedy specialist barristers available to conduct fixed-fee private FDR hearings, which can take place remotely, at your request. We also have a considerable number of experienced and specialist barristers available to act as advocates at such hearings.  These hearings will, we anticipate, become particularly important during any period of court closure and are in any event entirely consistent with the recent guidance offered by Mostyn J (found here). Our barristers can be flexible as to format and location, so as to facilitate the parties’ reaching settlement without waiting many stressful months for a judicial indication.

In addition to private FDRs, our specialists also continue to provide advice in writing, whether by way of a traditional Advice to one party, or by way of an ENE (Early Neutral Evaluation) given in writing on a joint instruction. Our video and telephone conferencing facilities remain open as usual.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mark Mansell on 0121 246 2148 should you wish to discuss any aspect of this service in more detail.

Written by Mark Mansell