Murder accused, represented by Chris Millington QC and Ben Williams, found Not Guilty

Chris Millington QC & Ben Williams
Written by:

Andrew Rourke


Chris Millington QC and Ben Williams defended Nabil Akhtar, one of four men accused of participating in a ‘joint enterprise’ stabbing. The Defendant was acquitted after a 3½ month trial at Birmingham Crown Court.

The deceased had taken part in an arson and shotgun attack on a co-defendant’s home. He was pursued from the scene where he robbed a member of the public of an Audi at gunpoint. A car chase ensued, leading to a foot chase into a cul de sac. Mr Akhtar arrived in his car towards the climax of events, having been in phone contact with others. His case was that he had attended to give a friend a lift and had been unaware of the background.

The trial involved painstaking analysis of phone and CCTV evidence and detailed legal argument regarding ‘joint enterprise’.

The jury’s verdict cleared Mr Akhtar of either participating in the killing or intending to assist offenders.

Written by Andrew Rourke