Glyn Samuel appointed new Chancellor of Coventry

Glyn Samuel
Written by:

Joe Wilson


Following consultation with the Lord Chancellor and Dean of Arches the Right Reverend Doctor Christopher Cocksworth has chosen to appoint Glyn Samuel as the new Chancellor of Coventry, replacing HHJ Stephen Eyre QC, who stepped down from the role in November.

The Chancellor is the presiding Judge of the Consistory Court for a Diocese and also holds the offices of Vicar-General and Official Principal. The correct nomenclature is ‘The Worshipful’ and a male Chancellor is addressed as Worshipful Sir or Chancellor.

The Consistory Court holds jurisdiction over Church premises and property and upon consecrated municipal cemeteries and churchyards within the Diocese. Any significant change to a church building, disposal or introduction of new items of value, the installation of memorials and requests for exhumation all require an order from the Consistory Court. It is a court of record, with judgments given a neutral citation, and orders and judgments are enforceable in the High Court.

Glyn Samuel has been the Deputy Chancellor of Coventry since 2010 and also serves as Deputy Chancellor for Leeds. The Consistory Court sits as and when required so the appointment is part-time.

Written by Joe Wilson