Family Finance Forum 20th of May 17:00

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Written by:

Anthony Burgess


St Philips Family Finance Team is running a series of Q & A webinars hosted by our specialist financial remedy practitioners, the first of which will take place on 20 May at 5pm.

Each webinar will give you the opportunity to ask the panel questions, whether related to Covid-19 and its consequences, or more generally.

Please join us on 20th of May, when the panel will be made up of Francesca Fothergill, Jonathan Nosworthy and Robin Lewis from St Philips Chambers, complimented by Phil McGovern of MPA Financial Management, our resident Pensions Expert who many of you will have seen in action before on St Philips presentations.

You are invited to submit your questions by email to by Friday 15th May at 17:00.


We look forward to welcoming you.

Written by Anthony Burgess