Ben Close Involved in the Successful Convictions of the UK’s Largest Ever Cannabis Case

Ben Close
Written by:

Su Turner Gilbert


Following a four week trial, both defendants were convicted with a third having pleaded guilty. Operation Mulberry was described by the Judge as the “largest ever cannabis case in the U.K.”. She also referred to profits of at least £20million per annum. Another notable feature is that cannabis was also being traded on the ‘dark web’ and thousands of pounds worth of ‘Bitcoins’ were recovered.

She paid tribute to the police in a case where one computer tower contained more than 6 million documents. The cannabis factories were nationwide, a tactic employed to avoid any single police force focusing its resources on them. Nirmal Saund who was at the head of the organisation got 10 years 6 months (having pleaded guilty), Darryl; Saund 9 years and Cuong Pham 6 years.

Written by Su Turner Gilbert