Just for Junior Employment Lawyers


“…[S]ome areas of employment law can, however regrettably, involve real complication, both procedural and substantial; and even the most wary can on occasion stumble into a legal bear-trap.” – Lord Justice Underhill

Whilst employment law is hugely rewarding, it can also be tricky to navigate, difficult to understand and a lonely practice area for those at the beginning of their profession. Our commercial and civil law counterparts benefit from large numbers, vast resources and numerous networking events, but there are few safe havens or targeted training schemes for junior employment lawyers.

The Just for Junior Employment Lawyers (“JJEL”) programme provides support and entertainment away from billable hours and precedents and is aimed at assisting all employment law practitioners from trainee level to 5 years PQE.

Through JJEL, St Philips Employment Group provides junior employment lawyers with publications, training sessions and enjoyable events.