Wendy Miller successful in a Tribunal claim for age and sex discrimination

Wendy Miller
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Wendy Miller (Counsel) has successfully represented Mrs Leigh Best in a case that has attracted national media coverage. Miss Miller of St Philips Barristers and Sally Vasey of Minster Law Solicitors persisted in Mrs Bests claims which amounted to:

  • S103A Employment Rights Act 1996 for the automatically unfair reason that she made qualifying protected disclosures.
  • S47B of the 1996 Act (Unlawful Detriment) that the Claimant was subjected to detriment by acts of the Respondent on the ground that she made protected disclosures.
  • S26 Equality Act 2010 (the 2010 Act) harassment, related to the protected characteristics of age and sex, and
  • S27 of the 2010 Act, victimisation.

In essence, the Respondent made a number of derogatory comments including, Mrs Best “must be in her menopause” following repeated complaints that covid health and safety measures were being ignored in the workplace.

Further comment will follow remedy, but we are delighted to announce a positive outcome for the Claimant on such current issues arising out of the pandemic and victimisation.


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