Video mediation services

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Written by:

Janita Patel


Mediation often leads to a swift and cost-effective resolution of disputes. With many hearings being adjourned off, causing lengthy delays for clients, this may be a  good time for both employees and employers to consider taking advantage of this alternative means of resolving disputes, and in doing so remove a source of stress and commercial uncertainty.

Our mediators, Sophie Garner and Robert Mundy, are available to conduct mediations by telephone or video link.

Modern smartphones, tablets and laptops provide all the necessary equipment for the process of mediation. Using easy-to-use group conferencing systems such as Zoom, our mediators can set up separate online rooms for each of the parties as well as online rooms for all the participants to come together.

We have already been considering the challenges that online mediations may present and have been thinking through solutions that can be put in place if clients wish.  . For example, in some cases, a stricter timetable or a time limited mediation may be helpful, for instance if some of the participants have childcare responsibilities. In other cases, a mediation may have to be broken up over several sessions rather than taking place on a single day. This might help where parties have limited amounts of flexibility with their working pattern at the moment. Our clerks and mediators will work with you to find a format that suits your needs.

Our mediators will often be able to be appointed at short notice. Many of the claims that are being postponed will already be prepared for either a full hearing or a judicial mediation. If that happens, using one of our mediators will mean that a mediation can go ahead at short notice and the parties’ preparation will not  have been wasted.

For any questions, please contact Gary Carney: , who will be able to refer you to one of our mediators to discuss how this solution might work for you and your clients.

Written by Janita Patel