Updated Video on “Creating and using electronic hearing bundles” by Rob Mundy and Ali Tabari

Creating and using electronic bundles
Written by:

Justin Luckman


At the start of lockdown in March last year, Rob Mundy and Ali Tabari put together a short video, showing how to create and use electronic hearing bundles.  The video, which was picked up by the Judiciary and referenced in their official “General Guidance on PDF Bundles” as being a particularly useful guide, has since been viewed over 10,000 times on our YouTube channel.  Over the last 10 months, al lot has been learned about how best to work with electronic bundles, prompting Rob and Ali to create a revised version which can be viewed here.

The video explains how to create and use an electronic trial or hearing bundle using Adobe Acrobat Pro. In it, Rob explains how to prepare PDF files, make an index, combine PDF files, rotate pages, make the bundle searchable, compress it, add page numbers, add an index and adjust page numbers. Ali details how to navigate by page number or bookmark, add and adjust bookmarks, highlight text, add extra pages, side-line important passages and search.

Written by Justin Luckman