Training Event: Vicarious Trauma, Workplace Stress and Wellbeing

Philip Beardwell
Written by:

Philip Beardwell


Working in the Law brings with it obvious stresses. Less obvious is the effect of dealing with people who have experienced trauma and how it can impact upon our work and home lives. Those working in the areas of family and criminal law often find themselves exposed to traumatised people and traumatic situations

This training event hopes to explore the effect of this on us all, to provide people with the opportunity of sharing experiences and practical assistance in dealing with the exposure to such trauma, both for individuals and employers.

The event will be held in a safe, non-judgemental environment where attendees will be encouraged, but not forced, to share events from their professional experience.

Those who attend will be asked to respect the integrity of those who do choose to participate actively; this is an opportunity to show each other that we are not alone and to promote wellbeing within the justice system.

WHEN: Tuesday, 18th October. 1300 arrival for a 1330 start and a close at 1600
WHERE: St Philips Chambers, 55 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LS


Philip Beardwell is a barrister within the criminal team at St Philips Chambers.

Sherylann Davies is an accredited counsellor. She has worked as an HIV counsellor for the Terrance Higgins Trust, a substance abuse counsellor, a grief and bereavement specialist counsellor, a families counsellor at the Hope House hospice and now works as a counsellor for Kooth, a company delivering counselling services to businesses and individuals over the internet.


Written by Philip Beardwell