St Philips to host a video link to The Voice and Views of ELA on the Employment Law Implications

St Philips Chambers reception
Written by:

Janita Patel


St Philips Chambers will be the host of the video link to the ‘Brexit and the Changing Political Landscape: The Voice and Views of ELA on the Employment Law Implications’ seminar which is running live in London at 6:30pm on October 20th 2016.


Chair: Gareth Brahams, Brahams Dutt Badrick & French; Chair of ELA
Mark Hunt, BNY Mellon; ELA In-house Representative
Eleanor Mannion, Renfrewshire Council; ELA Scotland Representative
Bronwyn McKenna, UNISON; immediate past chair of ELA
Daniel Northall, Littleton Chambers; ELA North West Representative
Jane Russell, Essex Court Chambers, with the view on Brexit from the CJEU
Fraser Younson, Fraser Younson Legal; founding member of ELA and long-standing member of ELA’s International Committee

Full details can be found here.

Written by Janita Patel