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Julie Duane
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Julie Duane


By Julie Duane, Specialist Employment Barrister

COVID-19 Covered

Businesses and employers around the UK are finding themselves in testing and uncertain times. St Philips Chambers Employment Group are ahead of the curve and have been advising on COVID-19 for a wide range of employers, businesses and clients across the full suite of employment issues.

It is unclear at the moment, but the latest government and scientific advice suggest that businesses need to be prepared for the long-haul, up to 18 months or more. The disruption businesses face over this period will be significant and unprecedented. We know that you will be looking now at your strategic planning, business continuity plans and contingency plans. We have and continue to advise across the full suite of those issues, with a considered and practical mindset, providing actionable advice that you can deploy quickly.

You need advice and support quickly and efficiently. So as to minimise the risks to you and your business of COVID-19, we offer a variety of communication channels to minimise the risk of transmission, including video conferencing, conference calls, call backs with barristers and a full suite of electronic communication tools, including, of course, email.

Our own contingency plans are well in place and in effect and we have ample capacity and steps in place to support our clients. We know how important our service can be at this critical time and can assure you that if you seek our advice, we will deliver it on time and as requested.

If you require any support, assistance or a sounding board for your urgent strategic contingency plans with one of our barristers, please get in touch on the following channels:

T: 0121 246 7000


Our final comment, from the many enquiries we have had and received on COVID-19 is this: ask the question early, no matter how awkward, difficult to respond to, or problematic for your business. The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented in our time and so will require an unprecedented response.

Written by Julie Duane