Seminar: “Anti-vaxxers” are they protected under the Equality Act?

Anti-vaxxer seminar
Written by:

Guy Dunwoody


We are pleased to confirm that our rescheduled “Anti-vaxxers” seminar will now take place, via Zoom, on 9th December at 0930 and be hosted by Ed Beever and Bruce Frew.

Topic: “Anti-vaxxers” are they protected under the Equality Act, what are the implications, what are the potential human rights issues and have they made a protected disclosure?
Date: 9th December 2022
Time: 0930 – 1030
Location: Zoom
Main Speakers: Ed Beever and Bruce Frew

An analysis of the potential issues that arise from a small, vocal, minority that identify the vaccination programme as part of a dangerous conspiracy.  The anxieties to be considered on the basis that it may give rise to discrimination claims where there is a potential of protection of a philosophical belief; the scope to argue that a vaccination requirement is an unnecessary invasion of an individual’s Article 8 right to privacy (or Article 9 freedom of thought, conscience and religion) and finally what consideration must be given to the potential of an anti-vaxxer being a whistleblower.


Written by Guy Dunwoody