Real Estate Spring Seminar, 17 April ’24

No Trespassing
Written by:

Justin Luckman


We are delighted to announce the full programme for our upcoming Real Estate Spring Seminar on Wednesday 17 April. 

Whose Land Is It Anyway? 
Safeguarding Landowner’s Rights, Addressing Trespasser’s Wrongs and Securing Relief for Unlawful Interferences with Land.

We are delighted to invite you to our upcoming Real Estate Spring Seminar focusing on addressing unlawful interferences with land. This free half-day event promises to be an insightful experience, featuring six expert speakers from our Real Estate Team. 

Lunch will also be provided and the event will conclude with refreshments, where you can expand your network and exchange ideas with our speakers and fellow attendees.

Conference agenda:

10.30am-10.50am Registration

10.50am-11.00am Welcome: Michelle Caney

11.00am-11.30am Session 1: Raghav Trivedi

“Safeguarding against third parties acquiring rights over freehold land”

In the first session, Raghav Trivedi will be considering the rights which trespassers might acquire if landowners stand by and take no action. He will be focussing particularly on the principles in relation to adverse possession and prescriptive easements, and will outline practical steps a landowner can take to prevent these rights from arising.

11.30am-12.00pm Session 2: Eloise Marriott

“Dangers of not addressing the basis of occupation: There may be trouble ahead”

Eloise Marriott will focus on rights that landowners might inadvertently grant to trespassers, particularly in a landlord and tenant context. She will be looking at the rights which might be acquired from an implied or informal occupation agreement, both in a commercial and residential context. She will also consider the steps a landowner might take to mitigate the risk of sleepwalking into a landlord and tenant relationship.

12.00pm-12.30pm Session 3: Harry Marriott

“Avoiding the pitfalls in possession claims against trespassers”

Possession claims against trespassers are fraught with a number of potential difficulties. In this session, Harry Marriott will explore these potential pitfalls, and how they can be avoided. Practical guidance as to how to best approach a possession claim will be discussed, along with the alternative remedy created by interim possession orders.

This seminar is exclusively designed for professional clients. It is not open to members of the public, students, or individuals without relevant professional backgrounds.

12.30pm-1.15pm Lunch

1.15pm-2.00pm Session 4: Anya Newman

 “Identifying, quantifying and proving damages – practical hints and tips”

Anya Newman will consider damages claims in cases involving unlawful interference with land such as trespass and interferences with easements. This session will include discussion of key authorities in damages quantification and give practical guidance on how to maximise (or minimise) a potential damages claim.

2.00pm-2.45pm Session 5: Simon Clegg

Injunctions against newcomers: The ultimate weapon?”

In this important update, Simon Clegg will address when injunctions will be granted against trespassers, in particular in respect of persons unknown in the light of Wolverhampton City Council v London Gypsies and Travellers [2023] UKSC 47, and the procedural requirements for a grant of such injunctions.

2.45pm-3.00pm Q&A Session and Closing Remarks

3.00pm-3.30pm Refreshments

Why Attend:

  • Gain insights from leading Barristers and deepen your understanding of Real Estate Litigation.
  • Stay updated on the latest legal developments and best practices.
  • Expand your professional network and exchange ideas with like-minded individuals

We look forward to welcoming you at this insightful seminar, to share a productive and enjoyable day together.

Written by Justin Luckman