Iqbal Mohammed promotes the Commercial Bar as a career

Iqbal Mohammed
Written by:

Justin Luckman


Iqbal Mohammed, a member of St Philips’ Commercial Group, contributed to an event organised by ComBar and Cake and Counsel titled “Is the Commercial Bar for Everyone?” held at Coventry University. Cake and Counsel was set up to focus on hosting more informal networking events for those who may not know established lawyers and who may finding traditional daunting or exclusive. Iqbal was part of a panel of five barristers from a range of commercial practices at an event attended by 40 undergraduates.

St Philips Chambers is committed to both diversity and increasing access to the bar for people of all backgrounds. As part of this commitment, St Philips encourages and supports members of chambers such as Iqbal to participate in events which provide access, information and encouragement to students from local universities. This event was designed to demystify commercial practice and provide an insight to students who could consider commercial practice as a career. St Philips is proud to support work which widens access and promotes the bar as a career.

Written by Justin Luckman