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Gavin Mcleod
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Gavin McLeod


Gavin McLeod has written an article on the recent Supreme Court case of Regency Villas v Diamond Resorts on the nature and scope of easements as property interests. It has been published in The Conveyancer and Property Lawyer, a leading academic journal in the sphere of property law. (It may be viewed at Conv. (3) (2019), beginning at page 250). The article represents a critical appraisal of the Supreme Court’s approach to the issue in the case, as to whether rights of timeshare unit holders to use neighbouring leisure facilities could take effect as an easement.

John Randall QC and Marc Brown of St Philips successfully represented the claimant parties in Regency Villas itself. A majority of the Supreme Court agreed with their submissions that the right to use those facilities should be recognised as an easement. The case represents a significant development in respect of the boundaries between property and contract.

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Written by Gavin McLeod