Ben Close leading Catherine Ravenscroft secure convictions for armed robbery

Written by:

Andrew Rourke


Ben Close leading Catherine Ravenscroft have secured convictions of all 5 defendants who carried out an audacious armed robbery of a jewellers, the footage of which went ‘viral’. The robbers stole gold valued at £300,000, having blocked off a busy road in Birmingham. 3 men entered the jewellers, whilst 1 man acted as ‘crowd control’ threatening members of the public with an axe to stay back. The fifth man drove the Toyota Hilux which was used to ram-raid the front of the shop.

The robbers used multiple stolen vehicles, some of which were left in a nearby street to enable vehicles to be abandoned following the robbery. The prosecution case involved proving mobile phones were left at addresses away from the robbery, some of which were used whilst the robbery was being carried out, by ‘forensically aware’ offenders attempting to cover their tracks. 

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UPDATE: On 13th March 2023 the gang received jail sentences totalling 72 years.

Written by Andrew Rourke