Appointment of a Salaried Employment Judge of the Employment Tribunals (England and Wales): David Maxwell

David Maxwell
Written by:

Joe Wilson


St Philips Employment is delighted to share the news that the Ministry of Justice has just announced the appointment of David Maxwell as a Salaried Employment Judge. .

This is a well-deserved appointment for David. Called in 1994, David has always played a central part in the growth of our specialist employment practice group at St Philips. Over the years, he has acted in so many ways to support, guide and advise those around him, whether as colleague or pupil supervisor or mentor. “My experience with David has always been rewarding and motivating over the many years he has been with us”, says Ed Beever, Head of Employment, “and David’s loss will be felt deeply but we know he will thrive in the next phase of his judicial career and he will be a fabulous asset to the Employment tribunal judiciary”.

Written by Joe Wilson