Mini Pupillage

We offer 3 day Mini-Pupillages at our Birmingham location to applicants over the age of 18.

Applicants wishing to change from another career will be expected to have a clear view of their abilities and how these can be transferred to a successful career at the Bar.

If I am successful, what will I be doing during my 3 days at St Philips?

We hope you will spend most, or all, of your time within your preferred practice area of law. However, due to the fast changing nature of our business, it is not always possible to secure you time within your preferred area, in which case we will find you a suitable alternative.

We hope you will spend time with more than one Barrister; shadowing their daily schedules and spending time with them in court, in order to really get a feel for the industry.

Through our mini-pupillages we know that you will gain a good understanding of roles and responsibilities and Life at the Bar, but we also hope it will be an enjoyable experience for you too!

How should I make an application?

The Mini Pupillage process for 2020 is now closed.

Important information regarding your A-Levels:

You should include details of your A-Level results in your CV. However, if you do not have A Levels but have some comparable qualifications; please provide details of the qualifications and how your marks and grades can be compared with A Levels. 

Please also identify a website or other source; ideally independent of the examining body that provides such comparisons.