People First, Barristers Second

An award winning multi-disciplinary set of barristers, widely recognised as one of the most innovative and forward-looking chambers in the UK. Our specialist groups are supported by dedicated clerking teams with the experience, depth of knowledge and personal service essential in today’s demanding commercial environment. We take the time to get to know our clients. We strive to be open, approachable and accountable, redefining the traditional distance between barrister and client.

Your Needs, Our Goals

We work hard ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure that your experience of St Philips is professional, accessible and innovative. Experience has taught us that working in partnership with clients, setting standards for our performance, reviewing our work and listening to your changing needs, creates the right climate for pioneering solutions and adds value to your experience over and above first class legal representation.

We are not afraid to challenge the norm.

Diversity Data

In line with the Bar Standards Board’s new Equality and Diversity Rules of the Code of Conduct, St Philips Chambers hereby publish a summary of the data collected in 2016 in respect of Gender, Disability and Race. The information below shows data for both members of Chambers (including Queens Counsel) and members of staff (including Senior Managers).

Whilst all members of Chambers and staff were invited to complete our Diversity questionnaire, some members did not disclose certain information, which is reflected below in our ‘Un-disclosed’ sections.

Gender Gender
Female 38% Female 38%
Male 61% Male 61%
Un-disclosed 1% Un-disclosed 1%
Disability Disability
Disability 4% Disability 2%
No Disability 96% No Disability 98%
Un-disclosed 0% Un-disclosed 0%
Race Race
White 81% White 89%
BAME 13% BAME 9%
Un-disclosed 6% Un-disclosed 2%


This data was published on 1st December 2016 and we are required to publish up to date information every three years.


Email Fraud

St Philips have been made aware of a number of bogus e-mails, letters and faxes which have been being received by individuals around the globe, that claim to be from St Philips Chambers or from members of our chambers, or using the names of individuals from St Philips Chambers, which specify that the addressee has won or inherited a substantial sum of money, and proceed to request personal information and/or money from the said recipient.  Please be aware that these communications are not from St Philips Chambers.  It appears that they are part of a scam, coordinated by an unknown person, or persons, using our name illegally and without agreement. We have been notified of numerous communications, which have been reported to the police when appropriate and we are taking action to try to stop this.  If you have received such a communication, we strongly advise that you do not respond or communicate further with the sender, either ignoring it or reporting it to the relevant authorities.