Employment Law Sessions Terms and Conditions

When these Terms and Conditions Apply

1. By booking, paying for or attending a Law Session, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Who we are

2. These Law Sessions are published by St Philips Chambers.

3. The individual presenting and running the law session (“the session leader”) is a St Philips Barrister regulated by the Bar Standards Board, and   holds   professional insurance that is current at the date of the Law Session. The session leader who conducts your Law Session is responsible for its content and the views shared are her or his own views.

Dates and times

4. Should circumstances make it necessary, times and dates may change from those advertised. We will notify you as soon as possible should this need arise, and will offer a full refund should the alternative times offered not be suitable for you.

What a Law Session is and Liability disclaimer

5. The Law Sessions are a legal education resource and training product. They are not a substitute for taking legal advice about a particular case.

6. The content of the Law Sessions is non-specific, taking the form of general comments on a particular area of law. Those comments are subjective and reflect the session leader’s understanding of the law at the time. The information may quickly become outdated.

7. If you rely on the content of the Law Sessions you do so at your own risk.

8. Should you require legal advice about your particular circumstances or in a particular case, you can make an enquiry and instruct a St Philips barrister for written advice or advice in one-to-one conference by writing to Gary Carney at gcarney@st-philips.com. and agreeing fees separately.

9. The session leader conducting and presenting at the Law Session does not accept any liability for any errors or omissions arising either:

a) in the content of the initial presentation, or

b) in responses to questions about that presentation, or

c) within any legal educational materials made available to participants.

10. Any liability for errors or omissions is limited to double your fee of attendance.

Use of Zoom

11. Law Sessions are delivered using the video conferencing platform www.zoom.us (Zoom). Neither the Speaker nor St Philips Chambers are in any way responsible for any loss of service or loss of quality caused by technical problems with the Zoom platform.

12. Every reasonable effort will be made to maintain a private and secure online session. In particular, the Speaker will use his/her best endeavours to ensure

a) that a private URL is used for the meeting;

b) that a password is required to access the Zoom Law Session;

c) that only registered participants are admitted to the session.

Zoom describe their security and data protection measures here https://zoom.us/security. Zoom use 256-bit TLS encryption to protect their conference spaces.

13. In the unlikely event of a hacker attacking the Law Session, neither the Speaker nor St Philips Chambers accepts any liability for any loss arising from a Law Session being so compromised.

14. Any liability for hacking of a Zoom Law Session is limited to twice the fee paid by you to attend the Law Session.

GDPR and Confidentiality

15. Any data we collect (which will include your name and firm) will be used for the following purposes only:-

-The software we use internally at St Philips chambers will collect your data in order to register you.
-Where applicable, clerks at St Philips chambers (acting on behalf of the individual session leader) will retain your billing details for the purposes of raising an invoice for any Law Sessions that you purchase.

– Customer care and feedback purposes so that the session leaders can review the reach and merit of the Law Sessions.

-Alternatively, our third-party payment processor, Paypal, will retain your details for the purposes of processing any payment you make to us. They explain their policy on data retention here https://www.paypal.com/uk/webapps/mpp/paypal-and-your-data

-We will retain your data for up to two years.

16. Law Sessions are delivered live via www.zoom.us (“Zoom”). Zoom retain the name you use during the session. Other participants can view that name, together with any comments you may make. Law Sessions are not recorded and will not be retained by the Speaker or St Philips Chambers.

17. Please note that matters discussed in the Law Sessions are not confidential or subject to legal professional privilege. As stated, the Law Session is an educational service and available to attendees from multiple backgrounds and firms.


18. If you are not satisfied with the Law Session, you may have a full refund by asking for one at any time, provided you ask by emailing Gary Carney within 5 days of the Law Session.

19. If you would like further information on the Law Sessions, or have any other questions, or would like to instruct a St Philips barrister to advise you in a particular case, email Gary Carney at gcarney@st-philips.com.