Compliance, Equality & Inclusion Manager

Working closely with the Chambers Director and Chambers’ Committees, the holder of this recently created post will manage two areas of responsibility: firstly, they will manage Chambers’ processes for ensuring compliance with its regulatory and statutory duties and responsibilities; and secondly, they will be responsible for the planning and implementation of Chambers’ equality and inclusion programmes. This is a pro-active role designed to help embed best practice in these two areas throughout Chambers.

PLACE OF WORK– St Philips Chambers, Birmingham

HOURS OF WORK– 9.00am to 6.00pm or as required

REPORTING TO– Chambers Director


  • To act as Chambers’ day to day contact with the Bar Standards Board, and to advise and update Chambers Administration Committee (“CAC”), Members of Chambers, staff, or Committees on the regulatory requirements for the management and activities of Chambers
  • To be responsible for the management of Chambers’ compliance with its general legal and all other regulatory duties
  • To keep under review all current internal policies and procedures as stated in Chambers’ constitution, in particular those relating to equality, diversity and inclusion, and ensure that they are updated when necessary or appropriate and as required
  • To assist in the development and implementation of new policies and procedures as required
  • To act as Chambers’ DDO (Diversity Data Officer)
  • To act as Chambers’ DPM (Data Protection Manager)
  • To act as Chambers’ operating contact with the Bar Council’s Relationship Manager
  • Alongside the legal and regulatory duties, to be responsible for devising and implementing measures within Chambers to ensure best practice in the areas of equality, diversity, inclusion and governance.

Regulatory & Legal Compliance

  • Manage the compliance function of Chambers
  • Maintain a good working knowledge of all legal and regulatory duties that relate to Chambers, e.g., requirements as to health and safety, employment, data protection, and equal and diversity and any other relevant duties
  • Advise the Head of Chambers, Chambers Director and CAC of any relevant changes to Chambers’ regulatory and legal duties and responsibilities.
  • Take responsibility for the management and implementation of any necessary or appropriate changes to Chambers policies, procedures, management practices or activities to ensure up to date standards are maintained
  • Develop and implement systems for the monitoring of Chambers’ compliance with its regulatory and statutory duties, as required either externally or internally
  • Compile Chambers’ responses for BSB monitoring
  • Maintain GDPR compliance and promote DP best practice
  • Ensure compliance with any relevant quality standards and quality marks.
  • Ensure chambers risk register is updated and reviewed regularly.

Equality and Inclusion

  • Be responsible for developing and implementing Chambers’ Equality and Inclusion agenda to ensure that Chambers is a welcoming and inclusive place for all; and to ensure Chambers is at the forefront of change and Equality and Inclusion issues at the Bar
  • Ensure that all barrister policies and procedures are in compliance with the Bar Code of Conduct and consistent with current Equality and Diversity legislation and best practice
  • Ensure that all staff policies and procedures are consistent with current Equality and Diversity legislation and best practice
  • Assist the Equality and Diversity Officers (EDO’s) / E&D Committee in drafting policies and procedures for presentation to Chambers Administration Committee for approval
  • Be a proponent for change towards a more inclusive working environment for staff and barristers
  • Ensure that all statistics relating to E&D are kept up to date and publicised when required
  • Advise as to the relevant training requirements (statutory, regulatory and best practice) for staff and barristers in Chambers, and ensure provision is made for such training
  • Alongside the Marketing Manager, ensure that Chambers’ Equality and Inclusion agenda, and its policies and procedures, are communicated effectively internally and, where required, externally.


  • Assist the Wellbeing Committee and Chambers’ Administrator in the creation of strategies, supporting frameworks and policies and procedures to facilitate the effective performance and wellbeing of all in Chambers
  • Assist the Wellbeing Committee with the creation and delivery of Chambers’ wellbeing initiatives and programmes.

To apply, please send CV and covering letter to Juliette Print

Application Deadline